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Drain Rock Recycled 3/4"

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$30 per yard³
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Coming from Zanker’s recycling facilities, this drain rock is excellent for French drains, road base, driveways and drain pits.  ¾” Drain Rock is produced from 100% clean recycled aggregates from concrete. This superior product is free of wire and metals, making it suitable for use in French drains and leaching fields. The drain rock is also useful for pipe bedding in underground projects, and is similar to virgin gravel. It can be used in the winter on temporary construction pads and roads to help control mud and soil. This product qualifies for LEED points for the use of recycled products.

1" 25 mm 100
3/4" 19 mm 82
1/2" 12.5 mm 2
3/8" 9.5 mm 1
#4 4.75 mm 1
Coarse Durability 70
Unit Weight 100 lb / pcf