About Us

Zanker Landscape Materials YardZanker Landscape Materials, located in San Jose, California, is owned and operated by Zanker Recycling and has been in the organics recycling business since 1985. We are the San Francisco Bay Area’s leader in organics recycling, and every year we divert over 500,000 tons of material from area landfills! The end result of our recycling efforts is high-quality organics (composts, mulches, soil amendments), aggregates (base rock, sand, drain rock) and other recycled products, which are available to the landscape and construction industry and citizens for landscaping, soil amendment and construction purposes.

We are proud members in the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA), US Composting Council, US Green Building Council, and the California Compost Coalition. Zanker Recycling owns the Z-Best Composting Facility in Gilroy, which is one of the largest composting facilities in California.

Zanker Recycling is proud of its achievements in the field of organics recycling and construction waste recycling. These achievements help Zanker Recycling promote a greener future for our country.

Innovative recycling facilities “green” the waste stream.

Zanker Recycling operates four nationally-recognized recycling facilities. These facilities are national leaders in composting and in diverting construction and demolition debris from landfills. Through comprehensive recycling efforts, Zanker Recycling diverts more than 90 percent of the waste we receive from landfills. Zanker Landscape Materials, the marketing arm of Zanker Recycling, is responsible for the marketing of all the recycled products we generate.

Recycling Facilities

Zanker Recycling is a privately-owned solid waste and recycling company. We began operations in 1985 by developing a landfill into a full-service resource management, composting, and recycling facility. In 1998, Zanker Recycling expanded operations by obtaining permits for an adjacent landfill site as a construction and demolition (C&D) debris-processing facility. The two facilities process more than 2,500 tons of mixed debris per day.

Zanker Recycling Aerial Photo

Z-Best Composting Facility

Z-Best Composting Facility, located in Gilroy, was constructed in 1997 to process yard trimmings into high-grade compost. Z-Best receives up to 1,000 tons per day of yard trimmings, which are processed into an organic compost that Monterey and Salinas Valley farmers purchase to use on their crops. Additionally, Z-Best processes 350 tons per day of municipal solid waste and food waste, which is sold to the local landscaping industry.

Z-Best Composting Facility Aerial Photo

Zero Waste Energy Development Co. - Anaerobic Digestion Facility 

With the goal of taking organics recovery to the next level and capturing the energy value of food discards, Zanker Recycling and GreenWaste Recovery have formed a new company, Zero Waste Energy Development Company. As a member company of Zero Waste Energy (the exclusive licensee of the SmartFerm and Kompoferm technology), ZWEDC is developed the first commercial scale dry fermentation anaerobic digestion facility in the United States. The first phase of the facility became operational in January 2014, and processes up to 90,000 tons per year of organic waste, generating approximately 1.6KW of clean green renewable power and is the largest facility of its kind in the world.

As a net power producer, the first use of power will be to run the facility, with the excess on-peak power being used by the adjacent Zanker Recycling facility to run its resource recovery operations and the excess off-peak power being sold back to the grid. The organics will be composted on site and marketed to an arrange of end product users.

Zero Waste Energy Development Company