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“Reasons why we want to use Zanker soil…

"I am very impressed of what Zanker is doing in San Jose and in Gilroy. It truly is a state-of-the-art recycling and composting company. It is so amazing and convenient that you put all your trash and recycling, including yard trimmings, to the curbside each week and it gets picked up, then gets all sorted out; and yard trimmings are being turned into a beautiful organic compost to again feed the soil. It will be a fascinating idea for the students to learn that their yard trimmings and tree trimmings are being turned into compost and soil amendment; and that they are feeding new plants, as well as soil life, in their school garden. Zanker facilities would make an interesting and very teaching field trip place for the kids to visit”. - Maarit Tallila-Murphy, parent in the Noble Elementary School garden team

Full Circle Farm Letter

Full Circle FarmDear Zanker/Z-Best,

Thank you for your kind compost donations thus far this year.  While we make compost on on-site, we can't possibly make enough for our acreage so we count on you to do it for us!

-Zea, Will, Mark, Jacob + all at Full Circle Farms

Full Circle Farms
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